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​Carlos & Allison Estapé are passionate about citizen science, marine research, underwater photography, and fish ID/behavior.  We greatly enjoy sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm of the underwater world with others.


We are citizen scientists that photo document fish species in their natural habitat, collect geographical distribution data, publish our findings and images in scientific papers, and work with scientists to collect data and provide images for their research and publications.  We are proud to be major photographic contributors to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s “Shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean website.


Our current project  is photo documenting the geographic distribution of fish species in the Tropical Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.  In December 2020, we published our findings from St. Eustasius where we documented 40 fish species that had not been previously recorded in St. Eustatius.  We currently are photo documenting fish species in St. John, USVI, and to date, have documented 30 fish species not known to be in these waters -   a demonstration of the effectiveness of citizen science! 

We are underwater photographers, our images have been featured in scientific publications, museums, fish ID & childrens books, magazines, websites, aquariums, restaurants, private collections and used as templates for tattoos!


We are featured speakers on Fish ID & Behavior.  Over the last 7 years, we have been speakers at ocean themed lecture series & events, have taught monthly Fish ID & Behavior classes at REEF HQ in the Florida Keys, and were the featured underwater naturalists for CocoView Resort's Seahorse and Great Fish Count Festivals in Roatan.

We hope you enjoy our websi te and are inspired to become citizen scientists.  

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